A/C Maintenance, A/C Tune-up, and A/C Check: What is the difference?

Central AC Units Air conditioning maintenance should be done once or twice a year to maintain a safe and efficient a/c. It should include checking refrigerant level, check amp draws, tightening electrical connections, visually check for mold, cleaning the condensing coil, and cleaning evaporator coil in place. (If it has been a long time since a proper maintenance the coil can become impacted with dirt and may need to be removed to clean it properly. Having annual maintenance would be more cost effective, have you breathing cleaner air, and help your system to run more efficient than cleaning the coils every few years).

What Other Companies Might Say:

You get what you pay for.

If you pay less than $80 chances are you will be getting a high pressure salesman that has 2 options. Option 1 is to lose money. To send a qualified technician in a well equipped vehicle, fuel, ins., etc. a legitimate company can not afford to drive by your house and wave as they go by, much less perform a proper maintenance for $39. Option 2 is a high pressure sale tactics to sale you something you may not need, find something wrong with your system, or even sabotage. You will notice they do a lot of talking and very little actual work.

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